Mar 16, 2006

Yaba Daba Conflate-A-Doo

As the SMC projection of a Q3-07 hit on Iran draws near we remain unrelenting in blaming those bearded Persian misogynists for antibiotic resistant chlamydia, Babylonian bedlam, and Brokeback Mountain's dismal showing at the Oscars. (Didn't we use the bearded misogynist angle before? Oh but of course. It was when we rallied the peace loving and emancipated occidental female demographic behind the invasion of Afghanistan.)

With Iran nigh pretexted into slaughter-worthiness we can conflate the new Iranian theater of operations with the Iraqi and just bomb the fuck out of them both without bothersome discrimination, distinction - or our own dying boots on the ground.

You see, first we blame Iran and then we'll blame those Iraqi ingrates - and then we'll declare victory and cut and run to skies treacherous.

And hey, nobody collaterally bombs the fuck out of societies better than we do. We might be outnumbered and outwitted but we will never be outbombed! Yaba Daba Doo

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Now class, go find your own examples of C&C (on your employer's computer and time of course). Best completed assignment gets dry martinis on the SMC tab till their face bitchslaps a piss drenched floor silly.

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