Mar 13, 2006

Meatball Double-Decker or Pimp My Bride

Long before Sweden's Prime Minister made a respectable woman out of his chubby groupie Anitra Steen, he set her up with cushy jobs within petting range for those peckish occasions when a wife or a smörgåsbord just wasn't enough. Problems would inevitably arise when the PM left town on extended assingments and couldn't cover for her chronic professional incompetence by intimidating her colleagues into timid complacency. Steen was, and is, known for exhibiting qualities that make Heck-of-a-job-Brownie look like a Marvel superhero.

It's been uncovered that she's suspiciously due to receive a pension of approximately USD 3 million from Sweden's tax-payers thanks to a stint at the nationalized retail-liquor monopoly Systembolaget pimped together by her wheezy Tricktickler Goran SlimShizzle.

We don't care if she can suck a Volvo semi through a Dairy Queen straw - that's one helluva sweet tax-subsidized kickback for one fatty going down on another.

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