Mar 11, 2006

China Cunt Munch...or Sweet & Sour Meatballs

Let's face it. In sheer numbers, the Chinese commy regime is a fucking nightmare when it comes to torture and human rights violations. But none of the concupiscently pandering meatballs attending the China Business Forum in Stockholm this week even made whisper of such frivolities - even whilst mingling in the cachectic manner that prostrate swollen old men tend to dull-assed mingle.

Anyways, SMC's collective impression of the 2 days of nut-numbing seminars was that the proselytizing cocksuckers pitching their wares from the forum's podiums were folks still insecure enough in their own personal lives to do anything for a buck - even a dissident-gulaging Chinaman's wretched buck at that. That makes the Disciples of Mao back home feel real good.

Well fuck 'em all.

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