Oct 20, 2012

Beautiful Blowback and Bumbling Benghazi

Notice how the Malala Yousafzai narrative just keeps giving and giving. Splendid blowback.

And on Benghazi, funny the news this morning that COS Tripoli sent cable saying attack was terrorism. Funny because his outfit wrote the script for the officials who went on Sunday talk shows saying the consulate attack arose from a demonstration over the anti-Islam video.

Folks saying that OGA deception was - not to protect Obama anti-terror record - but to cover their own asses over the fuckup.

Whispers that Ambassador Stevens was in Benghazi trying to round up help for Syrian rebels, that he met with Turkish intelligence official, and that OGA was responsible for his safety.

The controversy about all the "misstatements" about the 9/11 Benghazi begins to make sense.


Anonymous said...

What does OGA stand for?

M1 said...

...not the faintest.