Jun 30, 2011

Clusterfuck Grim

That Afghan clusterfuck is getting grim. (Just talking about the political stuff, Karzai's openly daring us to GTFO, knowing full well that he would be dead within a week.

That is if he stayed - which he wouldn't.

This means that he knows we ain't going nowhere.

General Dostum is a non-starter. (A worse war criminal than even the U.S. can get away w/ backing. And our boy, Abdullah, is from the wrong tribe.)


(I do love tweakin' the gurlz & boyz. Muzt be eazily amuzed.)


So now, -- just how the Devil tastes this particular flavo[u]r of the Victorian? Artifact? [sic, recte artefact] ;)

1 comment:

M1 said...

Pakistan is overall really bad news, but we most assuredly have heavy Paks in our corner for when the shit really goes down.(A glimpse was seen fairly recently.)

And on Dostum, we couldn't care less about his history (have known a couple-three war criminals in our time. Dostum is unacceptable to the self-serving false morality of the "international community", thus he's out of contention.

PS: One - publicly unacknowledged but definitely known - issue about the sinkhole of the GWOT is the probability that we are being bled dry to serve the interests of different adversary. Guess who!