Mar 13, 2006

The Secret Lives Of Meatballs

Remember the bozo French agents who sunk Greenpeace's Rainbow warrior and left a forensic trail that even an autistic dog without a nose could follow? Well well, we must obviously have outsourced our training to the Freedom Frogs cuz how else can you explain these slack-Jack antics.
From Italian and Spanish police reports and court documents, the Tribune was able to identify the names, and in some cases the post office box addresses, used by 67 suspected CIA rendition specialists who registered at hotels in Milan and on the island of Mallorca.

A search of commercially available databases reveals no evidence that any of the named individuals ever has had a spouse, a residence, a telephone, a previous address, a mortgage, a credit history or a family.

A senior U.S. official acknowledged that while the cover system had served the agency well for many years, it had not been designed to withstand the scrutiny made possible by the Internet. Read More At The Chicago Tribune


Anonymous said...

WHAT HAPPENED TO MY LAST 12 COMMENTS?? Its one thing to not bring an argument, only make blanket statements. Its completely another to censor me by deleting my comments!!! What is this - Iran?

The wedding is off

M1 said...

I couldn't come up with a winning answer to your poignancies so I just put a totalitarian moderator's lid on it all. I'm the kinda misogynist that just hates to admit defeat to a chic - especially a hot one like you.

Hey K-baby, there's always commonlaw love.