Sep 6, 2012

Deconflicting the Afgh IO Matrix - Finally

Noticed something the other morning.

Yes, they definitely deconflicted the IO matrix. Nice. No more mention of "uniforms" or "disaffected recruits."

And then no sooner than I had finished answering a call and moved on to indulging in more news did I see this:

Training suspended for new Afghan recruits

More vetting for ties to insurgency. Doesn't sound like disaffected recruits. Messaging #fail.

Looks like they've finally decided to deconflict the "Black Market Uniform"/"Green on Blue"/"Insider Attacks" IO matrix.

It's been interesting to note how the "Afghan Uniform"/"Insider Attacks" narrative has swallowed up much of the oxygen in the discussions of the war recently. Gen. Allen being forced to admit that instead of around 10%, that a quarter of the insider attacks are by infiltrators.  The real number is doubtlessly 75-80% or even higher.

New messaging still deflecting from ultimate failure of Afgh mission if we can't leave honorably with trusted security forces in place.