Mar 26, 2006

A Butt And A Rebuttal - The Excuse Matrix:Media

The mainstream media has been demonstrably 2-3 years late on doing its job (if its job is not solely defined by its ability to sell soap and Viagra) yet even this pandering better later than never approach is still not indulging enough for the Administration. The media is now one of several targets of blame for the woes of Iraq.

Radio talk show host
Laura Ingraham leads off here with a mediated head to head with James Carville on NBC's Today Show anchored by David Gregory. Laura does a remarkable job of perfectly conveying the deranged reality underlying the new blitz of blame-game claims that it's the medias fault Iraq is looking so weathered. Then we follow up with CBS's Lara Logan. She takes on the claims of the Admin and their sentinels' recent putsch of coordinated attacks against the media. Of course the attack on the media is just one aspect of their newly and aggressively launched Excuse Matrix info-op. Now you tell us, which one of these two women has a boyfriend who's not doing his homework?
Click on the pictures to launch the clips.(WMV)
Hat tip to C&L for original postings of the individual clips.

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