Mar 17, 2006

WaPo Must Really Love Meatballs


Anonymous said...

Swedish Meatballs Confidential gets much attention from my newspaper.

We often make mention of your site.

Here's one mention.

Here's another.

My next project for the paper is to try to figure out your real identity. My administration contacts are being as helpful as possible, but you have covered your tracks very well.

I figure it should be good for another Pulitzer.

Give me a call if you have any story ideas.


M1 said...

lol...A riot! Well finally I've come to know what it's like to be George Clooney and not just see him 10 yards off in the distance surrounded by platinum blond slavs 2 heads higher than him.

Did I tell the story of George and I at Le Cave in St Tropez, and the half dozen russian prostitutes from Cannes' Chunga Bar surrouning him but waving to me? No, now I'm quite sure I haven't.

Hey wait a of those WaPo trophies was for EFF-dogs blasted post. He'll call me a jealous bitch but his SMC team member privileges are hereby revoked! Limelight pirate he is.

Hey Bob, did you also get a perfumed Valentine's card from Gannon?

Anonymous said...

You insousiant little bastard. I could not comprehend most of what you wrote. You really must study the Washington Post Stylebook in order to learn to convey your thoughts clearly.

Gannon? That reminds me. It's never a good idea to look through a glory hole. In Washington, you will find nothing but Russian nymphos or crew-cutted Marine lookalikes. So don't look, just take whatever is on the other side.

This is your private mail, right?

M1 said...

I'll trade you one Merriam-Webster Online dictionary hyperlink (insousiant's spelled with an 'S' as in insouSiant) for a pdf copy of your sticky paged WaPo stylebook.

"...look thru a gloryhole." Reminds me of a punch line I heard when I was 13 and waiting for my turn in line to do baptisms for the dead in some inner sanctum of the Salt Lake City temple. Something about a prostitute with a glass eyeball promising to keep an eye out for a favorite customer.

Hey Bob, you forgot your duct tape-wrapped edentulate gerbil here last night and I'm fresh out of non-salted sunflower seeds.

What's that u said 'bout my e-mail addy,Stranger?

Anonymous said...

I had no idea that this was a public forum. I thought this was just e-mail. I'm so embarrassed. About mis-spelling insouciant, that is.

For the record, don't freqent the ladies of the night, you'll end up like Carl Bernstein.

Definitely avoid the Russian 'tutes. They approach me often to get a foothold in journalism. They are drawn to the business like flies to feces.

I only get into the office at the Post every few months, I'll see what I can do about getting you a stylebook. But I don't think edentulate gerbils are covered.

M1 said...

'faeces' when in America, Bob. F-a-e-c-e-s

I heard poor ol' NYT-Rosenbaum's WaPo stylebook found its way to auction at Ebay. That's an endorsement if any of the high standards set by you and your fellow WaPo-ites.

Nobody covers duct tape wrapped edentualte gerbils, kiddo - not even Lloyd's of London and their mistress protection packages.

Now you see Bob - you are a snob and a snob you are. Novak would never turn down a snuggle and a huddle with a tute or two - of any persuasion. And hey, keep Carl out of this. As far as I'm concerned...well, he remains a straight shooter in our books.

Who you whisperin' with these days, baby? Your lawyers? ;)

M1 said...

BTW, are we still on for toe-sies under the table and above board Coco Coladas at Ebbitt's this tuesday?

Anonymous said...


No thanks. I'd rather have a go with a Russian 'tute, as bad as that sounds, if worse came to worse.

I never socialize with Novak, and thus know nothing of his habits. Bernstein, though, has been known to huddle with a toot or two, at least back when it was fashionable.

A Snob? I prefer to consider myself a person of great rectitude. Why else would great people spill their guts to me? I have no ulterior motives.

My lawyers have been taking up a large amount of my time lately. However could you know that?

In the future I will try to drop by and give you occasional words to the wise.

Drinks at Ebbitt's is out. I try to avoid the hoi polloi.

A basement meeting in Rosslyn would be more my style.

M1 said...

Last-word-Bob. Yaz alwayz haz to have da last word.