Mar 20, 2006

Jeb's Little House Of Horrors - Part 2

Attorney General of Florida and Jeb-consecrated candidate in the 2006 Florida gubernatorial election Chain Gang Charlie Crist's dad Dr. Charles J. Crist sat on the advisory board of an organization named The Seed back in the early 1970's. Back then, Dr. Crist asked the Pinellas County school system (for which he served as chairman) to cooperate with The Seed.

The Seed was a chain of drug rehabilitation centers for minors first established in Ft. Lauderdale in 1970 by local South Florida actor Art Barker. Art had a mail order degree in psychology.

In 1974 a US Senate study chaired by Senator Sam Erwin examined The Seed and concluded the programme was subjecting American minors to the same brainwashing techniques used by the North Koreans on American POWs in the Korean War. Such techniques gained popular notoriety through films such as Frankenheimer's Manchurian Candidate.

The Senate study led the Federal government to close down its financial assistance to The Seed on the basis that the government should not be funding cruel and inhuman behaviour modification.

The Seed subsequently shrunk from a nationwide operation under federal funding back down to cult size - only to reappear a few years later under a new guise and in far more sinister form.

Mel Sembler - Republican Fundraiser extraordinaire and chairman of the legal defense fund for Scooter Libby is the founder of that nefarious resurrection.

But hey, we haven't even started our engines yet.

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