Mar 17, 2006

Golden Eurohole Mole

Moles must be had in all halls of power to succesfully project endgames and ulterior motives of the blue planet's decisive movers. One of ours resides within the European Commision, the Executive branch of the EU.

On occasion our mole graces us with hyperlinks ununappendaged with commentary. At times we assume such terseness reflects the moles lack of liberty to directly communicate currents of insight and motive found within the vortex of EU power leaving Euromole to ingeniously betoken per indirect linky reference. That's cool.

At other times it seems as if our mole's taciturn communications reflect a dialectic whereby true understanding can only be had through reflection without the aid of Euromole's Cliff Notes. That's cool too...we take what we can get.

SMC's first published Euromole link concerns energy alternatives.
ank you Euromole


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