Mar 23, 2006

The Unbearable Stress Of Hatred

There appears to be a competently coordinated release of national studies claiming a significant escalation of anti-semitc sentiment in the West. Terrible it would indeed be if these particular studies' findings of sentiment previously proven to be prodromal to mass murder should be confirmed by further independent scholarly research. Nasty shit must be nipped in its nasty shit shitting butt before it corrodes what must still be considered precious - human life. When the well-being of the unborn is jeopardized by ugly sentiment then worries have evolved into an actual life threatening contingency.

Increased incidents of premature and low-weight babies of any creed, color, or ethnicity due to significant spikes in anomalously vicious stress factors inflicted upon pregnant mothers is worrying news indeed. It's a leading indicator if any of the grave crisis gripping the societies harboring such life-challenging developments and gestational stressors. More so perhaps than the resultants of many another methodology.

The ugly wave of anti-Arab feelings immediately after Sept. 11, 2001, may have been responsible for a sharp increase in the incidence of premature and low-birth-weight babies born to women of Arab descent in the United States in the months that followed the terrorist attacks.

The evidence is circumstantial but compelling, epidemiologist Diane S. Lauderdale of the University of Chicago says in the latest issue of Demography.
Washington Post

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