Mar 23, 2006

Flaming Dark Root Blondes Rage

Vigrid, the Norwegian organization for closet gay Nazis, recently filed suit with the Press Ombudman against the Norwegian newspaper Telemarksavisa for rascist persecution of blondes. The newspaper had published a dumb blonde joke. A spokesperson for Vigrid stated that, "If one can't make jokes about jews or muslims then one should not be allowed to make fun of blondes. "

The spokesperson went on to claim that, " for all intents and purposes, the joke and racial slur is aimed at the most vulnerable segment of our people; namely young teenage girls with Nordic looks." Vigrid is suing for USD 1 million.

And since we published the infamous cartoons from the hugely successful psy op campaign here at SMC we just have to publish the million dollar joke that's setting some lithping Nathi Meatballs on fire. Cretin fucks are in no short supply, are they?

What did the blonde do when she had twins?
Went looking for the second father.

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