Mar 25, 2006

Charlie Sheen's 911 Inside Job Claims Hit Sweden

Alex Jones' interview with Charlie Sheen about inconsistencies in the U.S. government's official 911 conspiracy story makes the front page of Sweden's largest evening tabloid.

Aside from the novelty of Aftonbladet picking up of the story, what is interesting here is that the tabloid doesn't quote from the Charlie & Alex circus act directly but rather falls back to the safety position of reporting on what
IMDB had to say about the whole thing; reporting about another's reporting instead of risking the accusation of responsibility for first having given wings to the story. Touchy, Touchy.

Again, we media mapped the Skankanavians into ball licking submission back in the day and that media-engineering glue still sticks; leave U.S. government critique out of everything, ya got it?!

Funny how easy it was to effectuate the pandering silence of Swedish media - but then again not. When the rest of the world was building rockets to the moon and Ford Mustangs, the Swedes were busy improving the safety belt and developing unbreakable boxes on wheels.

Commentary On Charlie From The Guardian (hilarious read)


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Alex Jones has been known to post the writings of Effwit to lend cross-branding credibility to his theses. To that end he relies only on the best of the best (well almost) when it comes to factual sourcing and cross-referencing of his claims.

The difference when Effwit posts here is that Effwit then produces haut couture pieces for SMC pro bono whereas Alex has to pick up Effwit's posts prêt à porter - and retail at that. But the end result is the same - we are both touched by the lucidity of a great mind and a premier champion of liberty under democracy.

Below are 2 Effwit posts that Alex has posted at his website.
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