Mar 18, 2006

Jeb's Little House Of Horrors - Prologue

''New research shows that arresting and Scared Straight programs does nothing to cause a child to not act out. It's not productive,'' ...(C)hild advocates argue the policy often ''criminalizes'' childhood -- by turning minor incidents into major offenses.

Advocates point to the case last March involving 5-year-old Ja'eisha Scott, who was arrested in her classroom after throwing a tantrum at her elementary school in St. Petersburg. The videotape of officers handcuffing Ja'eisha received national attention.

In the 2004-2005 schoolyear, Miami-Dade schools police arrested 2,484 students, district records show. But only 12 percent of those arrests were for serious crimes involving weapons or drugs -- among the catalysts driving the zero-tolerance measures.
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What went so terribly wrong with your family and life, Barbara.


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