Aug 29, 2011

Serious Drama In WikiLeaks Land

Serious drama is being concocted in WL land.

Remember JA's insurance file? Well the media is going apeshit about it today - apparently they have just learned of it (they are thinking JA just recently put it online, and accidentally at that).

The real news is that the PW for the insurance file is supposedly now floating around.  Spegiel and WaPo and others are reporting about this - really poor reporting. We have some doubts about the PW allegation. Today's bullshittery is really smelly. We have good reasons for saying this. Hint: DDB has his fingerprints on the story.

Last Friday, the official WL dump suddenly grew to 142,978 cables (out of 251,000).  IOW, 120,000 or so just got released Friday.

The maxim that there are no coincidences is inviolate, but WL is officially denying the PW has leaked, so why then are they releasing the cables in size just at this moment.