Mar 26, 2006

Jeb's Little House Of Horrors - Part 3

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When The Seed was shut down after the Senate study headed up by Watergate prosecutor Sam Erwin concluded its rehabilitation program for truant teens was using the same highly refined brainwashing techniques used by the North Koreans on American POWs in the Korean War, Mel Sembler, whose son had attended the brainwashing program, waited a few years until Senator Erwin was out of the picture and the media lost interest in the torture camps. Then he restarted the highly profitable program under a new name, Straight Inc., with seed money from a local law enforcement assistant agency.

Super GOP fundraiser Mel Sembler, creator of the Republican Regents Club that accommodates the really big donors (Enron’s Ken Lay), incorporated into his upstart Straight Inc. the behavioural modification protocols from The Seed to reprogram truant children by first destroying the faulty programming of their personalities.

Straight Inc's set out to shatter the spirit of mopy boys, make unruly girls confess of whorish indiscretions, and reverse engineer the minds of head-banging kids and reprogram them all into a docile army of well-behaved zombies - all based on the satanic mind control model of peer-to-peer confrontation and the dehumanizing idea that if children were attacked psychologically and physically by people for hours then it would break their young spirits and a new personality could be slipped into their evacuated shell. The child would be reborn with a new and improved personality.

Mel Sembler's iniquitous imitation of The Seed was a sophisticated torture program designed to make money by claiming to be able to straighten out kids conveniently and profitably deemed to be truants - and it turned out that Mel Sembler's violent brainwashing program was highly illegal and was eventually shut down across America in 1993.

Straight Inc was so bad that a Pennsylvania judge recently ruled that a defendant’s attendance at Straight Inc during his teen years was a mitigating circumstance in his death row sentence for a homophobic murder he committed many years after leaving Straight Inc.

Straight Inc was almost successfully shut down in 1989 but Mel Sembler's influence, according to a 1993 audit by the State of Florida, kept STRAIGHT open despite the emergance of details about the program’s use of torture on children. Phone calls from politicians in 1989 warned probing health inspectors that it didn't matter what abuse they found and reported, the clinics would stay open. After all, they were run by a personal friend of President Bush Sr. The St. Petersburg Times wrote in an op-ed piece that the whole affair had about it, “a persistent foul odor”.

When Straight Inc was finally shut down in 1993 for illegal child abuse, the beatings and sexual humiliation that routinely took place under its auspices finally came to some public attention.

Children were thrown against walls. Young girls were forced to sit in their own menstrual blood. Children were forced to wear their same underwear for weeks or months on end. Children were locked into closets and left to fester in pools of their won bodily fluid and waste.

One girl was forced to hold an enema for hours while being told she was full of crap and needed to have the shit flushed out of her. Children were put in charge of the system according to the peer-to-peer methodology overseen by the programs adult supervisors and encouraged to torture newcomers. This gave rise to the hundreds of stories heard in court of rapes and beatings of restrained children. If the children submitted to cooperation and confession then they got to avoid being tortured and rise in ranks to become torturers themselves.

The sheer depravity of the stories that came out of Mel Sembler’s program seems to this day never ending. That it received such powerful support from men and women in the nations highest echelons makes the for profit scheme all the more diabolical.

One might ask why we at SDC even bother to care about Mel Sembler and the systematic torture of children at Straight Inc. We have many reasons, a few of which follow.

There's been a deformed national debate over whether or not torture is justifiable if it gets people suspected of so-called terror-related activities to confess. Some worry we've opened Pandora's Box, inviting torture and ends-define-the-means abuse into the rest of the American way of life. But it's too late for that. It turns out that in some states we've been using it on our own children for years and it has had the unabashed support of people who to this day occupy posts in the highest echelons of national power.

Prison abuse scandals at Abu Ghraib and Guantanamo Bay have Europeans and Americans alike now wondering if the once-admired U.S. has taken an unabashed turn towards escalating evil. The Administration tells us it’s O.K. and even heroic to torture prisoners. And why not, the closest friends and supporters of the Administration have been treating many unfortunate American children like Gitmo inmates for almost 2 decades.

And now we have but started our engines on this horror story because if you think the torture of American children is once and for all eradicated and that the powerful have turned their backs on it then you are wrong. Dead bang wrong in fact. It's all up and running again but this time the torture is outsourced to camps outside of U.S. legal jurisdiction. Extraordinary rendition for American children is alive and screaming. You heard it here and we shit you not. Stay tuned for our next installment.

Although we at SMC have compiled this synopsis and peppered it with our own eccentricities, it is based almost entirely on the tireless and relentless research of several non-SMC affiliated individuals. Thus this is not to be taken as original writing in any way, shape, or form. In fact, there is a better than good chance that many if not most formulations, phrases, and facts found here have been unabashedly lifted from the creative and pioneering work of others. Some such others include:
John Gorenfeld

Wes Fager
Mark Levine
Insider's View

Without the above mentioned sources and their work, as well as the unwitting contributions of many others, we could never have rolled this Luciferian meatball in 15 minutes. Please forgive us for our thieveries.

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