Mar 2, 2006

Da' NSA...Exposé (Now That! Rhymes)

How to keep shocking news simple. Well how about this failed attempt:

The NSA and its programme affiliates in the CATCH ALL project (SMC's nomenclature) are building the infrastructure of steady-state capture and storage of absolutely every volley of electronic communication generated within or sent to the U.S.A. The establishment of that infrastructure is well under way and much of it is already in plodding place.

Added to that are various novel and evolving tools and covert programmes that focus on trawling about in this huge repository of stored communications for whatever one might feel the need to be in search of for the moment - or for the party.

So the poetry of this is: one need not target a person or a group for wiretapping to monitor the webbing of their tattlings - everyone is already monitored (or targeted to soon be). All one need do is mine the gargantuan, and growing at that , repository of collected communications with the correct mining tools. One slick aspect of all this is that collection of communications is seperated from the analysis of the collected communications. It's no longer a matter of simultaneous collect & listen. Nifty. You better believe Gonzalez likes that!

In odd lot instances, old-fashioned targeted wiretaps are indeed still necessitated when all the content components of a particular communication exchange are required or when the targeted individuals' communication network is not yet incorporated into the CATCH ALL collection infrastructure. The huge CATCH ALL project does not yet record and store all of the anecdotal content in any given collected communication - this primarily due to purely technical limitations facing the project to date. But for now the vacuuming of near all transactional data will do quite nicely indeed.

We'll just keep on trying to explain this baby with meatballish mumblings as the days grind on. Our 15 minutes of rolling meatballs are up.


Anonymous said...

So that explains your curious diction?

It is driving our supercomputers nöts.

M1 said...

Exactement! Obfuscate the Man's prying algorithms with the cruddiest of grammatics und syntaxi. I'm working on inflecting some trace elements of Leper's Farsi to stay one step ahead of those 'catch-up' bastards.

Anonymous said...

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M1 said...

Is it worth the investment to learn the Meatballese language and culture properly in order to read the dubious posts at SMC?

And what be the true color of your sail, Skullduggerous Skankanovian?

And shall I be buried under a vine...or shall ye? M1 digs a rose-tree near as much as a perfect dry martini, for the perfect dry martini (yes Bombay Sapphire is kosher enuff for things of important perfection) is my cruel philtre that hurls me into all manner of vortices de passion where only destiny (I don't know whose destiny quite yet)truncates my wonderous fall.

Are u shaken or stirred?

Anonymous said...

It's kinda like any other foreign language with me.

I try to make out as much as possible, and interpret the rest by context.

M1 said...

I personally prefer to Rorschach my way through each and every blessed day. There ain't nuthin I can't understand that way and that's quite serene by me.

You seem like a wise fuck but that could just be me projecting again. What's a meatball to do, eh?