Feb 28, 2006

Le Hamas dans Les Pyjamas...(Doesn't really rhyme, does it!)

...and while we're at, why let the Frogs have the only word on men in pyjamas. Here's Phyllis Bennis, fellow at Institute for Policy Studies in Washington, D.C.

There has been no functioning Middle East peace process for years now. Israel has instead pursued a strategy of unilateral action to redraw borders, annex Palestinian land, and impose its own version of a "solution" to the conflict.

Prime Minister Ariel Sharon was moving one-sidedly in the occupied territories -- "disengaging" from Gaza, expanding settlements and the separation wall, and preparing to annex huge swaths of Palestinian land. The moves are all aimed at consolidating an expanded Israeli state, including all major West Bank settlement blocs as part of Israel, and walling off the Palestinians into a set of divided cantons.

That strategy, based on separating Israel from the Palestinians physically and economically, and negotiating only with Washington, remains unchanged since Sharon's stroke.
Read More at Florida's The Sun Sentinel

Don't Screw...With Tele2

Fredrik Berglund suddenly disappeared from Tele2 in January of this year due to corporately alleged family reasons - just on the back of his recent promotion in the company.

The Skankanavian telecom industry (and its salivating analysts) has been as abuzz with speculation about the details of his mysterious exit as Tele2 and its holding company Kinnevik have been tightlipped on releasing any further details on the matter.

First outta da' insiders box, SMC has learned that family reasons would be a most prude euphemism for what in fact is the underlying matrix of salacious circumstances precipating his less than wished-upon departure from Tele2. C'mon, do we have to spell it out for you and post pix of bagged & tagged dress stains and soggy cigars? Suffice it to say that Swedish underlings can be quite formidable as inadvertent temptresses.

But of course there's an even deeper story to all this where the above is nuthin' but saucy pretext for deeper currents to be dealt with later...

Feb 27, 2006

SMC Told You So

BRUSSELS, Feb. 24 (UPI) -- The European Union agreed to allow the United States freer access to its airspace to move unwanted people around the world in 2003 -- and then tried to cover up the deal, according to censored EU documents seen by United Press International. Read More at UPI

Feb 26, 2006

Their Oil for Us and Your Ports For Them - Get It, Meatballs?

This UAE-Port biz is much white trash ado about nothing other than 6 of our major ports being swapped with the UAE in exchange for their government allowing US oil firms to increase their ownership in UAE oil projects from minority to majority stakes. Get it?

Forget jeopardizing U.S. security. The UAE deal doesn't jeopardize U.S. Heimatsicherheit any more than does bringing home our screwed-over troops in shambles to live among our Disney-fied children and their Green Day listening hot kindergarten teachers. (But that's another story)

Wariness of undemocratic (or even democratic for that matter) Muslims only applies when used as a pretext for diverting the tax dollars of numbnuttedly patriotic blue-collar voters from programs that would really make their lifes a bit less anxiety ridden and doling it out instead as equity owner subsidies and kick backs - and of course as military investment that aids in shoring up far-flung market penetration activities for our Big Cap cowboys. Let our overworked and retarded electorate hate the olive-hued heathen...just don't let that reliably pliant and zomboid hatred get in our way of getting a good piece of tax-subsidized A-grade ass....ahum, A-rab windfall.

So why is this convenient Prez de Presenile Dementia of ours getting all blowhardy defensive about a UAE-port deal he claimed to have little earlier noesis of? I mean, it's just a run of the mill duplicitous swap, girlfriend. Some might deprecatively coin it as a brazen swap of electorate credulousness for even more Big Oil giveaways. (But let's keep matters non-conspiratorial for my younger wives out there. Bush et al really means to phase out oil and run cars on hydrogen after being flabbergasted and incensed by Big Oil's record windfalls - cross my heart. No more giveaways.)

The UAE is a few multiples the size of Cheney's Wyoming retreat yet it harbors some 10 % of the world's oil reserves and represents the planet's 6th largest reserve of natural gas. Documentation stemming from both US oil corporations and the US trade negotiation representation from a few years back show full agreement that We need to allow US oil companies to own bigger stakes in UAE oil fields than the 49% chokehold allotment to date. The US #1 priority in pushing for a free trade agreement is to allow US oil to own bigger shares in UAE projects.

So the Bush Admin is agreeing to let a company controlled by the government of UAE take over 6 large US ports in exchange for the relaxing and liberalizing of rules so as to allow US oil companies to take bigger shares of oil drilling activities in the UAE.

US oil companies operate without many restrictions in the UAE but are stopped shy from owning crucial majority stakes in any assets or projects. That's where a free trade agreement comes in...we give up our ports for US oil company ownership of UAE oil fields. That's why it's cute to hear Bush et al scrambling to defend this back room deal with the 'Not all Arabs are bad' defence. Slick is as Slick tells him to say.

This appears to be all about delivering the hot Arabian goods to their oil industry task masters by fencing off our ports - and that in flagrant contradiction of security concerns the Admin itself raises whenever opportune for their various tax revenue transferance schemes.

(Note the rather marked difference between the Bush Admin's reaction to the proposed sale last year of the California-based company Unocal to a company controlled by the Chinese government and the sale of 6 large US port contracts to a company controlled by a Middle Eastern company. Maybe those stingy Chinese commies should've sweetened the deal with decisive mainland concessions to our Big Oil or Mega Pharma.Then they could've received a 100 year lease on running the Statue of Liberty's elevator - and got exclusive first pick options on our caucasian runaway roundups for the white slave sex industry that services their whale dick chomping horny nomenklatura.)

We Shoot Party Members Too

Vice-President Cheney believes that simply because he has begun shooting Party members, he is now an expert on Russian Area Studies:

Vice President Cheney has grown increasingly skeptical of Russian President Vladimir Putin and shown interest in toughening the administration's approach. He summoned Russia scholars to his office last month to solicit input and asked national intelligence director John D. Negroponte to provide further information about Putin's trajectory, the sources said.

Dick Cheney, honorary Chekist.

Feb 25, 2006

Let Them Eat Meatballs!

Dov Weissglas, advisor to Israel's prime minister, suggested in language evocative of deco days long past that the Palestinians be put on a diet.

Whereas Weissglas envisioned something graciously shy of a regimen of complete besieging starvation for the untermenschliche Palestinians when speaking of crash diet cures for democratic pathologies, the naive Swedes apparently thought it could mean a plumping cuisine of saucy meatballs and are thus eager beaverly providing the Palestinians with USD 6.4 million in humanitarian aid. And this as a robustious UN envoy to the Middle East durst bitch slap Israel for withholding tax funds from the PA after the democratically elected Hamas-controlled parliament was sworn in.

Eloi, Eloi! What's the world coming to!

PsyOp the Fuck Outta Doz Golden Domes...or Conflagrate and Conflate, Goddamn it! We Gotta Wrap Up Pretexting The Mini-Nuking Of Iran By Q3 07

The horrific attack which destroyed much of the Golden Mosque generated sectarian outrage which led to attacks on over 50 Sunni mosques. Many Sunni mosques in Baghdad were shot, burnt, or taken over. Three Imans
were killed, along with scores of others in widespread violence.

This is what was shown by western corporate media.

As quickly as these horrible events began, they were called to an end and replaced by acts of solidarity between Sunni and Shia across Iraq.

This, however, was not shown by western corporate media.
Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, the supreme leader of Iran, urged Iraqi Shia
not to seek revenge against Sunni Muslims, saying there were definite
plots “to force the Shia to attack the mosques and other properties
respected by the Sunni. Any measure to contribute to that direction
is helping the enemies of Islam and is forbidden by sharia.”

Feb 24, 2006

Only All The Meatballs Are Enough

Every single electronic communication is being collected and stored - or is targeted for such eventual capture. That means every electronic communication. At a bare minimum the forensic trace evidence of each and every electronic communication is being collected and stored for good. At most the actual exhaustive contents of each volley of electronic communication is being collected and stored.

We are not speaking of data mining per se here - that is an entirely different matter albeit one that stands to make productive use of this CATCH ALL program . We are speaking of a Manhattan Project type effort to collect and store ALL communications within the United States for present and future exploitation.

What has been publicly exposed to date are various forms of dubious data mining activities and fuzzy-legal snoopings into the communications of domestic subpopulations of relatively limited size. These activities however represent only a minute fraction of the scope of the real stinker that belies these surface ripples. More tomorrow.

Feb 16, 2006

Feb 14, 2006

Aussie Stirrers of Shit - Thanks!

Previously supressed photographs from Abu Graib have been leaked and are to be released through an Australian media outlet.

Those Aussies are really pulling their weight (Ok, OK, inadvertently at that) in stoking this psyop just as the Danish cartoon phase is beginning to loose steam.

M1 has been wondering when he would get to see the hushed up photos since he attended a Seymour Hersh lecture outlining their existence and explosive content. Good to see they are finally being put to good use!

I wanna see even more lunatic muslims raging on the streets cuz I just can't quite fear them enough yet to kill them en masse with our fancy tactical nukes that were recently approved as conventional munitions.

Oh BTW, here are 15 of the new pictures out of Abu Graib The Australian newspaper The Sydney Morning Herald headlines the photos as 'The Photos America doesn't want seen'. Maybe that was true in previous circumstances but since it was becoming obvious that they eventually would be slated for release then so much better to get them out now when they can be put to productive use. We can't expect the Aussies to get everything right. After all, they are Aussies and not Austrians.

Russians Recommend MeatBalls On Rice

Condoleezza Rice released a coarse anti-Russian statement. This is because she is a single woman who has no children. She loses her reason because of her late single status. Nature takes it all.
The Russians said this, not M1

Forget Meatballs, Tonight We're Eating Gardenias

Sweden's own jazz legend Putte Wickman has died at the age of 81. He was considered by peers to be one of the world's leading clarinettists on the international jazz scene and recorded albums with mighty meatballs like John Lewis and Buddy deFranco.

Meatball One once shared the same same stage as Putte somewhere in America. Putte was there doing the shit he did best and M1 was presenting some irreverent theatrical work he swung together while moonlighting with a legendary Beat writer.

There's another extremely personal connection between Putte's jazz colleague Red Mitchell, M1, Lenin, and the ousting of the whacked out Shah - but that's best saved for a perfect martini day.

Dancin' in my head, Putte

Take A Bow, Useful Scribes

How Many (and Which) Newspapers Published The Mohammed Caricatures

Feb 13, 2006

Who Honey Trapped Who?

It's being reported that the first counter-cartoon has been published on a website affiliated with the Iranian newspaper Hamshahri.

At this time of writing it appears that the cartoon is nothing but an old rejected piece from approximately 2002 by The Age cartoonist Micheal Leuning entitled:

‘Auschwitz 1942’
‘Work Brings Freedom’

‘Israel 2002’
‘War Brings Peace’

To be perfectly clear, the cartoon itself is real albeit 4 years old but the its submission to the Hamshahri mongo-competition is fake.

Hamshahri believe this to be the best the fuming artisans of the Muslim world could come up with or is there another reason that this particular cartoon of all presumed submissions is making the first counterstrike headlines? And what of its publication on a website alleged to be affiliated with Hamshahri.

One dead reckoning is that Hamshahri thought it potent to counter with a Jewry-deriding cartoon of faux-inadvertent Christian origin and publish it off-territory so as to avoid formal charges of piracy per cretin sourcing. Then when the cartoon's true origin was inevitably outed amidst Western outcry and lamentation over Iranian editorial insensitivities they could smugly point to Western anti-semitism as interpolated into the Leuning cartoon and tell Us to clean up our own yards first before we use outrageous expressions of anti-semitism as both an opening and a final-drop pretext to shock & awe them into the shallowest of graves. But this would assume an unlikely level of sophistication at Hamshahri.

Unnecessarily convoluted speculation aside, one pertinent question remains: how did this particular picture make it to and through
Hamshahri's vetting process?

Of note is how this story quickly hit online editions of Western newspapers starting in Australia and then brush fired its way over to the midnight desk watches in Europe only to be quickly and consentingly wiped from their online slates
by noon GMT today as if never posted....all the tell tale signs of an aborted mid-game overture in this ongoing psy-op of ours. So alas, it must be concluded that We were involved in this baby - and probably so by having seditiously fed the picture to Hamshahri. Hamshahri immediately removed the picture from their affiliated website once the actual origin of the picture was officially brought to their attention by Mr. Leuning. Certainly Hamshahri quickly drew the correct conclusion that they had been sucker punched by anti-Iranian WizKidz.

Go Zion Go!

Renowned The Age cartoonist Michael Leunig says a cartoon apparently submitted in his name to an Iranian newspaper seeking entries on the theme of the Holocaust is a fake. Read More At The Age

Buckle Up Kids

International Security Monthly Briefing: Iraq, Afghanistan, and Now Iran Once Again by Paul Rogers at the Oxford Research Group

Iran: Consequences of a War by Paul Rogers at the Oxford Research Group

Feb 12, 2006

Eurotrash Matters

Just Released OLD Video Footage - British Army Squad Beating Iraqi Kids. Requires Windows Media Player

The timing of this release, the choice of tabloid forum for the release, and the ambiguous details pertaining to the date of the recorded infraction - it all smells of an attempt to further stoke the flames of the ongoing operation hellbent on once and for all establishing a connect in the minds of Western whities between terrorists and generally exasperated mohammedans .

If so, perhaps we can in the nearest of futures look forward to the incremental dusting off of yet more archived multimedia material that graphically documents an insignificant fraction of our misdeeds with the sincere aspiration of really pissing off muslim sentiment - and hopefully to an extent that gets muslim reaction to freak out even our lefty-ist of bleeding heart explanationists.

And during this phase of run of da' mill psy-opy instigation, the Eurotrash tabloids appear to be quite the useful and unconscionable idiots. Good for them - Good for us!

Feb 7, 2006

A Meatball To Cry On - Now Isn't That Special

Bush calls Danish PM with support in cartoon row More at ABC

No Meatball Left Behind

The soaring Muslim population is a Fifth Column inside Europe. Read More at Human Events Online

By Pat J. Buchanan; Sage, Surfactant & Syndicated Columnist

Hmm, France had their bonfires and now Skankanavians have theirs.

There certainly seems to be in play the emergence of a pattern for which comprehension is demanded. Apparently there's a lesson to be learned by the vestigial
white Occidental tolerants still in our midst - The olive hued heathen (apparently not including the jews this time) must be pacified if the West is to be saved from the terror spawning wombs of their she-folk.

Meatball One is sure that our Teacher won't give up on us until the lesson is well learned.

It's the No Meatball Left Behind program.

Begging To Be Unleavened (or... Go Ahead, Make My Day)

A bestselling Iranian newspaper, Hamshari, announced it was retaliating by holding a competition to find the best images satirising the Holocaust. Read More at The Guardian Unlimited

Feb 5, 2006

Recipe for Perfect Meatballs

The infamous Mohammed Cariactures------>

K(P+A+D)= All Muslims Now Potential WMDs

K = Kindling รก la Muslim Riff Raff
P = Pictures by and for Danish Crackers
A = Our Embedded Agent Provocateurs
D = Muslim Crackpot Demagogues

"Brilliant Psy Op troopers! You were a bit late out of the gate on this one but what the heck. Now let 's just lean back and watch Bolton do what he was headhunted to do at the UN. Then...then we can really start wasting these pedophiliacal camel fuckers in biblical proportions. Yee Haw!"
- Henry

Feb 2, 2006

No Matter What Kids, It's Meatballs For Supper

A memo of a two-hour meeting between the two leaders at the White House on January 31 2003 - nearly two months before the invasion - reveals that Mr Bush made it clear the US intended to invade whether or not there was a second resolution and even if UN inspectors found no evidence of a banned Iraqi weapons programme. Read More at The Guardian

Something to keep in mind during the ongoing Persian dog & pony show.

Don't let a Good Meatbull Go To Waste

Another one of these More Later posts but for now: It is now an official Meatball Factoid that the spreading upproar over the Mohammed caricatures originally published in the Danish newspaper is part and parcel of a PsyOp.

What began as a farmers rag's idiotically intentional slur and ensuing local muslim & left-liberal counter-reaction was quickly recognized by our psy-opies as a potent opportunity to co-opt and exploit so as to cultivate dissent in communities whose electorate have otherwise proven to be rather sceptical to the Madison Ave. rationales of the so-called war on terror.

The potential for sparking dissent that the publication of the illustrations has demonstrated is now a proprietary product of our boyz 'n gurlz. It is dutifully being nutured and exploited on the proverbial fly so as to consolidate Skankanavian electorate opinion for the us vs. them paradigm as we enter the upcoming overt phase of the Iranian military operation.

What started out as a spark is now owned and administered by a cool psy-op cadre.

The Gaza uprisings are the works of local agent-provocateurs and assorted errand boys that have been fast-track activated to burn flags and create angry AK-47 crowds. It's as fake as the silcone racks on a tranny.

I'll update this in a few days with riper detail...right now Meatball One is bogged down in ass-flattening meetings keeping him from rolling anything but 6 minute meatballs.

But for now....watch 'em ride the bull!