Mar 24, 2006

Of Booze And Broads - SMC's Deep Background Files

Below is a chirpy insiders post by one of Sweden's ex-PMs (Calle) that never frequented prostitutes. It's about the cartoon related sacking of Sweden's FM by Sweden's pudgy PM.

Calle and a friend(known then for being rather nerdy D&D types) invited two high school hotties over for cocktails at his parent's house when he was but a gangly teeny bopper. The two beguiling girls accepted but left Carl's hopeful happy hour as soon as they had got their teeny belly's full of free booze. Expectant Calle and friend were left sullen in their precosiously snazzy James Bondish attire to figure out what to do with the remainders of that Friday evening. Or was it a Saturday? I can't quite remember and my files are no longer within reach. Nonetheless, he seems like a guy that's matured into an amiable enough fella' over time.

Now if only he would stop chilling with rogue state goons.

Swedish diplomats have got used to getting one foreign policy - or what should go for such - from the Prime Minister and another one from the Foreign Minister. Communication between the two seems to have been very limited indeed.

This was of course the recipe for a series of disasters, and it is the latest of these that has now brought this dramatic crisis.

Laila Frevalds says that it was she who decided to resign, but the evening papers in Stockholm today are saying that it was Göran Persson who decided to fire her.

I wouldn't be surprised if the later stories are based on controlled leaks from the PM's office designed to put him in a somewhat better and her in a somewhat worse light. That’s been happening before. It’s part of the immoral style of leadership that we are seeing.

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