Mar 27, 2006

Newsweek - Go To Nuremburg! Do Not Pass Go!

Newsweek columnist Jonathan Alter says journalists were never cheerleaders for the war. "You can find tough-minded stories in a lot of newspapers and magazines going back three years," he says. "It does a disservice to hardworking reporters, in some cases risking their lives, to make it seem like in one week they go from pro-war to antiwar." WaPo

But dear friends, that is precisely what journalists in traditional media have been - cheerleaders. Jonathan Alter is completely full of shit.

We're hearing this more and more everyday from the journalists that hardsold the Iraq war to the U.S. in the very best of Goebbelese traditions - "that they are risking their lives". They feign indignance faced with accusations of their lopsided and pandering ways now that they are roughing up the Administration a wee bit as the polls cover their flanky asses with numbers showing it's completely safe to ask the questions dated best before 3 years ago. Soap and Viagra sales will not be jeopardized.

Some journalists did indeed risk their lives and careers to get at the truth and get it out, but that includes absolutely none of the journalists who are now thumping their yellow chests the loudest. Imagine their well-deserved shame. These back-pedaling chest thumpers too are entirely complicit in this atrocity of a debacle and want, as turncoat cowards do, to speedily distance themselves from the Admin lest they also end up handcuffed in the front row at a much needed new Nuremburg lynching.

Things were fucked up in Iraq for all but the dead to see well over a year ago without risking accusations of defeatistism or worse by the legally sane. But Bush's poll numbers had to drop to what they are now before revisionist charlatans like Jonathan Alter would say diddly-squat.

It kinda makes ya' wanna have a little furball hurl, doesn't it.

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