Sep 2, 2006

This Is How We (Should) Do It

Strategic PsyOps against foreign enemies - forget it. This is how conversion is to be effectuated if it is to be effectuated at all.

Save the PsyOps for the domestic population. That's the only mentality we seem to be able to understand, and understanding is of course nine tenths of what is required to manipulate people into convenient place. If you don't believe me, just take a peek at our psyopy track record.


Anonymous said...

You are correct on this one. McDonald's spreads America better than anything else, except in France.

M1 said...

The myth of the American consumer that's proven a contagion like few other.

France...anyone who thinks France is not already an ally for all intents and purposes...well, they need a check up. The French dont mind Americans. That's an unfounded myth if any. They are however are openly rude to assholes - be the assholes in question pushy Krauts or irreverent Yanks.