Sep 9, 2006

Dan Rather: Media Down

A lecture featuring Dan Rather, who was anchor and managing editor for the CBS Evening News for 24 years, and now hosts and produces long form programming examining major global topics and events for the Discovery Channel, will be in conversation with Orville Schelll, Dean of the Graduate School of Journalism. Sponsored by the University of California, Berkeley and the Graduate School of Journalism.


steve said...

I found it sad that

1) Dan could not be persuaded to say that the infamous Bush story was actually true, preferring to say it "would be judged by history" or some such


2) Dan still, at his age and with his career behind him, still feels compelled to censor himself and not speak his mind.

Made me feel sorry for him, and then for us.

M1 said...

I heard him speak much more frankly when he was in London some time ago and addressed many of the same issues. Then he was more of a tiger. But home...yes, still behavin' like the pussy whipped fella I suppose one must say he is.

But I agree, and wonder many a time...why so many continue to sell out when they have it made and their mortgages and careers behind them.

John Kerry is a wimp in that regard too. There actually was a period when Kerry spoke openly, albeit within rather tight circles, that the last election was a complete fraud. He believes that himself. But then he made the judgement that championing that fact would be detrimental to another run and backed away from the idea of going public. I find that despicable.