Feb 5, 2006

Recipe for Perfect Meatballs

The infamous Mohammed Cariactures------>

K(P+A+D)= All Muslims Now Potential WMDs

K = Kindling á la Muslim Riff Raff
P = Pictures by and for Danish Crackers
A = Our Embedded Agent Provocateurs
D = Muslim Crackpot Demagogues

"Brilliant Psy Op troopers! You were a bit late out of the gate on this one but what the heck. Now let 's just lean back and watch Bolton do what he was headhunted to do at the UN. Then...then we can really start wasting these pedophiliacal camel fuckers in biblical proportions. Yee Haw!"
- Henry


Effwit said...

Good work M. Meatball.

Your analysis of this agit-prop program turns out to be spot on. (I knew it would.)

Xymphora tells us today that the Danish editor is close to Daniel Pipes. Nuff said there.

Also, a commenter points out:

Morgenavisen Jyllands-Posten ("Morning Herald Jutland's Post")...Among people in the know, JP goes by the name of Morgenfascisten Jyllands-Pesten ("Morning Fascist Jutland's Plague").

Meatball One said...

Pipes and the Danish editor are close? This is startling insight, bro. I gotta run over to Xymph and check that out.

Maybe I have to retract my cautious guess that this baby was kicked off per cracker accident.

Kira sort of admonished me not to have too much faith in the prowess of intelligence services. I was trying to abide by that rule by not giving them credit for the spark.

But golly, I'm almost ripe 'n ready to exalt, "Top drawer work boyz & girls"" and thus bring down the hot 'n steamy wrath of Kira. (There I go fantasizing again)

Effwit said...

Cautious guess?

Shee-it, I was betting that you were passing along wisdom from your own Hal Holbrook.

I'm still thinking your tag along interpretation is right.

The psy-ops boys could never pull this one off from scratch.

(T)oo much faith in the prowess of intelligence services?

If anything, we know that the opposite is true.

Meatball One said...

Ah Ah Ah Amen

Hot n Steamy said...

so did they? or didn't they?

you guys have covered all your bases so you could never be wrong?


Meatball One said...

Sometimes it's yin...and sometimes it's also yang. Go figure.

Welcome to the convenient physics of planet Meatball, Mr. Humidor