Feb 14, 2006

Take A Bow, Useful Scribes

How Many (and Which) Newspapers Published The Mohammed Caricatures


Effwit said...



Your newfangled clock contraption is displaying the wrong time for Skankanavia.

Instead of 6 hours ahead of Miami, it is showing 18 hours ahead.

If the problem is in my notoriously spooked up JScript, you have my apology.

Meatball One said...

Is that your creation? Kewlio...yeah, I noticed that but figured what the hell - someone is bound to read some kinda spooky message into that abberation and I can live with that romantic misconception.

Effwit said...

Meatball One:

It ain't my creation, seriously.

I was just reporting a glitch, but then thought the abberation may only be on my machine. You know, reading fine for everyone else.

If someone's loading a bogey on your site, it isn't me.