Feb 26, 2006

We Shoot Party Members Too

Vice-President Cheney believes that simply because he has begun shooting Party members, he is now an expert on Russian Area Studies:

Vice President Cheney has grown increasingly skeptical of Russian President Vladimir Putin and shown interest in toughening the administration's approach. He summoned Russia scholars to his office last month to solicit input and asked national intelligence director John D. Negroponte to provide further information about Putin's trajectory, the sources said.

Dick Cheney, honorary Chekist.


Meatball One said...

Chekist this - Leninist that. I still can't tell the diff between Macro and Micro...let alone en soi and á soi.

Anyways - hey, don't look a giftenemy in the arse. Putin will do to - probably better than edentate and mohammedanian cavedwellers.

BTW, LOL and most trés excellente

Effwit said...

Right you are. In Search Of Enemies being the new "Great Game."

And, tis my pleasure, thanks.

Meatball One said...

"Putin, stop leveraging the squeeze we're in by fucking with our pretexting activities for the Q2 MOB hit on Iran. Now is not the time. You're either with us or we'll paint you into a cold corner as against us. Take this as a polite reminder"

Effwit said...

Don't forget that Mr. Putin claims that he warned the U.S. shortly before 9-11 that the shit was getting ready to hit the fan.

He says that he specified airliners.