Feb 12, 2006

Eurotrash Matters

Just Released OLD Video Footage - British Army Squad Beating Iraqi Kids. Requires Windows Media Player

The timing of this release, the choice of tabloid forum for the release, and the ambiguous details pertaining to the date of the recorded infraction - it all smells of an attempt to further stoke the flames of the ongoing operation hellbent on once and for all establishing a connect in the minds of Western whities between terrorists and generally exasperated mohammedans .

If so, perhaps we can in the nearest of futures look forward to the incremental dusting off of yet more archived multimedia material that graphically documents an insignificant fraction of our misdeeds with the sincere aspiration of really pissing off muslim sentiment - and hopefully to an extent that gets muslim reaction to freak out even our lefty-ist of bleeding heart explanationists.

And during this phase of run of da' mill psy-opy instigation, the Eurotrash tabloids appear to be quite the useful and unconscionable idiots. Good for them - Good for us!

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