Feb 7, 2006

No Meatball Left Behind

The soaring Muslim population is a Fifth Column inside Europe. Read More at Human Events Online

By Pat J. Buchanan; Sage, Surfactant & Syndicated Columnist

Hmm, France had their bonfires and now Skankanavians have theirs.

There certainly seems to be in play the emergence of a pattern for which comprehension is demanded. Apparently there's a lesson to be learned by the vestigial
white Occidental tolerants still in our midst - The olive hued heathen (apparently not including the jews this time) must be pacified if the West is to be saved from the terror spawning wombs of their she-folk.

Meatball One is sure that our Teacher won't give up on us until the lesson is well learned.

It's the No Meatball Left Behind program.

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