Feb 7, 2006

A Meatball To Cry On - Now Isn't That Special

Bush calls Danish PM with support in cartoon row More at ABC


Effwit said...

It is downright spooky how prescient your call was on the "cartoon controversy."

Today, an over-educated bimbo (Ms. Rice in this case) is blaming Iran and Syria for fanning the flames of violence.

Iran and Syria have used this for their own purposes," Rice said.


Kinda like the Bush administration used 9-11 for their own purposes.

Meatball One said...

You are too kind and too polite once again...thankyou.

Ain't it just jiffy how we've got these towelheads cornered into a place where they just can't do anything anymore without it playing right into our busybody hands?

But EFFWIT...don't get me the fuck going on 911. I warned you.

PS When she speaks, Klingon Princess Rice sounds like she's choked up and battling back a little girl's tears...doesn't she? If so, that's not a fair tactic.

Or have I yet to properly tune in my daily lithium dosages? I could be hallucinating again.

Effwit said...

I never consciously noticed Ms. Rice's demeanor when speaking. But come to think of it, she does seem like she could be a crier. Or when she flashes that hard ass look, like someone who would rage out like a hormonal teenager.

Dr. Rice is being bandied about as a possible Republican candidate for president in 2008. Somehow I think that the party faithful won't buy that idea.

I notice that "our leader" Bush yesterday switched gears from criticizing the insensitivity of the cartoons (believe it or not) to criticizing the over-reaction of the Muslim hordes.

I wonder how many interagency meetings it took to come to that conclusion?

Kira said...

An over-educated bimbo?

Sounds like you may have self-esteem issues, effwit. Do powerful, intelligent women make you uncomfortable? Do they make your penis soft?

Just wondering...

Meatball One said...

Ah yes, now we're cooking! :)