Feb 28, 2006

Don't Screw...With Tele2

Fredrik Berglund suddenly disappeared from Tele2 in January of this year due to corporately alleged family reasons - just on the back of his recent promotion in the company.

The Skankanavian telecom industry (and its salivating analysts) has been as abuzz with speculation about the details of his mysterious exit as Tele2 and its holding company Kinnevik have been tightlipped on releasing any further details on the matter.

First outta da' insiders box, SMC has learned that family reasons would be a most prude euphemism for what in fact is the underlying matrix of salacious circumstances precipating his less than wished-upon departure from Tele2. C'mon, do we have to spell it out for you and post pix of bagged & tagged dress stains and soggy cigars? Suffice it to say that Swedish underlings can be quite formidable as inadvertent temptresses.

But of course there's an even deeper story to all this where the above is nuthin' but saucy pretext for deeper currents to be dealt with later...

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