Feb 14, 2006

Aussie Stirrers of Shit - Thanks!

Previously supressed photographs from Abu Graib have been leaked and are to be released through an Australian media outlet.

Those Aussies are really pulling their weight (Ok, OK, inadvertently at that) in stoking this psyop just as the Danish cartoon phase is beginning to loose steam.

M1 has been wondering when he would get to see the hushed up photos since he attended a Seymour Hersh lecture outlining their existence and explosive content. Good to see they are finally being put to good use!

I wanna see even more lunatic muslims raging on the streets cuz I just can't quite fear them enough yet to kill them en masse with our fancy tactical nukes that were recently approved as conventional munitions.

Oh BTW, here are 15 of the new pictures out of Abu Graib The Australian newspaper The Sydney Morning Herald headlines the photos as 'The Photos America doesn't want seen'. Maybe that was true in previous circumstances but since it was becoming obvious that they eventually would be slated for release then so much better to get them out now when they can be put to productive use. We can't expect the Aussies to get everything right. After all, they are Aussies and not Austrians.

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