Feb 2, 2006

Don't let a Good Meatbull Go To Waste

Another one of these More Later posts but for now: It is now an official Meatball Factoid that the spreading upproar over the Mohammed caricatures originally published in the Danish newspaper is part and parcel of a PsyOp.

What began as a farmers rag's idiotically intentional slur and ensuing local muslim & left-liberal counter-reaction was quickly recognized by our psy-opies as a potent opportunity to co-opt and exploit so as to cultivate dissent in communities whose electorate have otherwise proven to be rather sceptical to the Madison Ave. rationales of the so-called war on terror.

The potential for sparking dissent that the publication of the illustrations has demonstrated is now a proprietary product of our boyz 'n gurlz. It is dutifully being nutured and exploited on the proverbial fly so as to consolidate Skankanavian electorate opinion for the us vs. them paradigm as we enter the upcoming overt phase of the Iranian military operation.

What started out as a spark is now owned and administered by a cool psy-op cadre.

The Gaza uprisings are the works of local agent-provocateurs and assorted errand boys that have been fast-track activated to burn flags and create angry AK-47 crowds. It's as fake as the silcone racks on a tranny.

I'll update this in a few days with riper detail...right now Meatball One is bogged down in ass-flattening meetings keeping him from rolling anything but 6 minute meatballs.

But for now....watch 'em ride the bull!


Effwit said...

You seem to be right about the psy-op.

It appears to be working.

Within the last hour, I spoke with a reliable anti-war radical.

He is so incensed by the over-reaction of the Muslim street that he is considering carving a "depiction" of the Prophet (pbuh) out of a turd and having it delivered to one of the Muslim embassies in Washington.

Meatball One said...


It smells of an info op just per study of the ballistic profile of the stories ontology...one can almost make out the intervention of an eagerly guiding hand...a kind of exuberant deus ex machina.

BTW..what sort of turd is under consideration? Squirrel, pig...

Wouldn't an Ebay auction of a crapping prophet sculpted from a North African beach-cured donkey turd get quite a bang for the poop?

Effwit said...

Meatball One:

The way the chaos is unfolding, with the heavy media coverage of the freedom hatin' savages, your analysis is spookily accurate (or accurately spooky).

The turd in question was to be of the non-Muslim type.

The crapping Prophet (pbuh) idea for an E-Bay auction would probably be a big moneymaker given the cultural standards in this country.

It would have to be a rare item, due to the scarceness of sculptures of this type. Supply and demand, you know.

Meatball One said...

EFFWIT wrote:"The way the chaos is unfolding, with the heavy media coverage of the freedom hatin' savages."

It is, isn't it?

Notice how even many a lefty blogger is falling into the honeytrap of acquiescing to Muslims perhaps nonetheless being an intolerably excessive lot? Gonna do a post listing an armada of such examples. Well at least half a dozen according to the 15 minute meatball rule.

There seems to be another psy op campaign underway that's been launched in the searing shadow of this baby. They are piling them on now:
It entails 'anonymous' muslims delivering death threats to Western European journalist...thereby hopefully turning the local news desks once and for all against the daggger swinging heathen.

I'm tracking an ongoing investigation into one such case. Even the cops looking into it suspect it's a faux muslim threat initiated by a provocateur. Apparently there seems to be a rash of such odd smelling cases that have as yet to be publicly announced yet. I'm even thinking about breaking the story here...just have to check in with some advisors of worth about it.