Feb 13, 2006

Who Honey Trapped Who?

It's being reported that the first counter-cartoon has been published on a website affiliated with the Iranian newspaper Hamshahri.

At this time of writing it appears that the cartoon is nothing but an old rejected piece from approximately 2002 by The Age cartoonist Micheal Leuning entitled:

‘Auschwitz 1942’
‘Work Brings Freedom’

‘Israel 2002’
‘War Brings Peace’

To be perfectly clear, the cartoon itself is real albeit 4 years old but the its submission to the Hamshahri mongo-competition is fake.

Hamshahri believe this to be the best the fuming artisans of the Muslim world could come up with or is there another reason that this particular cartoon of all presumed submissions is making the first counterstrike headlines? And what of its publication on a website alleged to be affiliated with Hamshahri.

One dead reckoning is that Hamshahri thought it potent to counter with a Jewry-deriding cartoon of faux-inadvertent Christian origin and publish it off-territory so as to avoid formal charges of piracy per cretin sourcing. Then when the cartoon's true origin was inevitably outed amidst Western outcry and lamentation over Iranian editorial insensitivities they could smugly point to Western anti-semitism as interpolated into the Leuning cartoon and tell Us to clean up our own yards first before we use outrageous expressions of anti-semitism as both an opening and a final-drop pretext to shock & awe them into the shallowest of graves. But this would assume an unlikely level of sophistication at Hamshahri.

Unnecessarily convoluted speculation aside, one pertinent question remains: how did this particular picture make it to and through
Hamshahri's vetting process?

Of note is how this story quickly hit online editions of Western newspapers starting in Australia and then brush fired its way over to the midnight desk watches in Europe only to be quickly and consentingly wiped from their online slates
by noon GMT today as if never posted....all the tell tale signs of an aborted mid-game overture in this ongoing psy-op of ours. So alas, it must be concluded that We were involved in this baby - and probably so by having seditiously fed the picture to Hamshahri. Hamshahri immediately removed the picture from their affiliated website once the actual origin of the picture was officially brought to their attention by Mr. Leuning. Certainly Hamshahri quickly drew the correct conclusion that they had been sucker punched by anti-Iranian WizKidz.

Go Zion Go!

Renowned The Age cartoonist Michael Leunig says a cartoon apparently submitted in his name to an Iranian newspaper seeking entries on the theme of the Holocaust is a fake. Read More At The Age


Anonymous said...

The cartoon isn't a fake, it's an original Leunig cartoon from 2002, rejected by The Age for publication.

Somebody 'volunteered' Leunig into the competition though.

You can read more about the cartoon at
http://www.abc.net.au/mediawatch/transcripts/060502_s5.htm and

Meatball One said...

Hi Anon

Oh, I know it ain't a fake...thought I wrote that it was from 2002. Will have to double check that I indeed did so. The fake bit is that Leuning didn't submit it to the whacko competition. Thanks for the tip though.

Cheers whoever u r!