Feb 25, 2006

Let Them Eat Meatballs!

Dov Weissglas, advisor to Israel's prime minister, suggested in language evocative of deco days long past that the Palestinians be put on a diet.

Whereas Weissglas envisioned something graciously shy of a regimen of complete besieging starvation for the untermenschliche Palestinians when speaking of crash diet cures for democratic pathologies, the naive Swedes apparently thought it could mean a plumping cuisine of saucy meatballs and are thus eager beaverly providing the Palestinians with USD 6.4 million in humanitarian aid. And this as a robustious UN envoy to the Middle East durst bitch slap Israel for withholding tax funds from the PA after the democratically elected Hamas-controlled parliament was sworn in.

Eloi, Eloi! What's the world coming to!

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