Dec 16, 2005

Hark the Herald Angels Singing, Fa la la la la la la la Iran

When Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad claimed the Holocaust was much ado about nada we saw the jump start of the major media campaign leg of the information operation underway to mould western eater opinion to support the full-scale air campaign against Iran Q3 '07.

Immediately, choreographed, and on cue, the big hitters came out with their synchronized talking points on Fox News like Ester Williams clones.

Kissinger let us know that any nation that talks crazy like that and, wants, nuclear weapons can't be left unattended to. On another top venue at Fox, Bill O'Reilly's The Factor , Donny 'Dentures' Rumsfeld informed us later the same day that all would have gone according to plan in Messy-potamia if only the subversive Iranians hadn't meddled with the Iraqi Shia.

Now it should be noted that Rumsfeld has never appeared on The Factor, despite incessant requests from Bill in the past, so obviously something pungent is brewing the wings.

To get both carpet bombing Henry and the death mask Rumsfeld on the same day was quite the slam dunk. To have President Bush batting for the tabula rasa of repentance as he fessed up on his WMD mistake in the same news cycle (faux-mistake as any honest schmuck in any intel community will tell you), well that's just sorta overkill in confirming that a new and exciting strategic psychological operation is being launched.

Of course the media management campaign for creating conducive opinion is just one part of the prep work on our way to slamming Iran from the skies, although it still remains the single most important measure next to John Bolton trying to work some magic on the United Nations. Had Bolton's nomination gone through faster we might have seen the leveling of Iran occurring much sooner. But Q3 07 will do just fine too.

But for now, keep your ears tuned for soundbites from pundits and politicos incessantly expounding in chorus on how we can't have a wacko state like Iran possess nuclear technology that can be used to build a nuclear fire cracker. It's gonna be everywhere you care to prick up your ears. It's gonna go from 0-100 in no time flat after the Ahmadinejad speech.

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