Dec 14, 2005

First We Took Manhattan - Now We Fuck Tehran

The Meatballian quarterly newsletter from July 2002 we nailed the invasion of Iraq and got the date right by a month. Now we are meatballishly projecting that planning is well under way for the initiation of full-scale airwar against Iran in Q3, 2007, this preceded by regional preparatory actions in the form of a mini-wars carried out by the usual regional proxies (duh, Israel) against Syria or Lebbyland's entrenched Hizbollah.

Pundits claiming U.S. forces are stretched to their limits by present engagements in Afghanistan and Iraq and are in no position to venture into Persia have utterly missed the mark and most probably (certainly so - if they work for major media) are unwitting bit players in the obfuscation process mediated by coordinated information operations.

Below the media radar, low intensity war with Iran is already well underway setting the operational stage for the pending grand incursion.

The Afghanistan flank appears to be primed for significant troop (including Swedes) inflows Q1 2006 in preparation for the Iranian campaign.

Iran has finally won their war against Iraq and we can't have that now? Or has Israel won by virtue of the U.S. having decimated a competing regional super power to a state of hellish shambles? Well perhaps, but only if we follow up and see to it that Iran doesn't fill the void of Iraqi chaos with their own influence. Of course all this would never be reason enough for what seems to be on the horizon for Iran so for a most excellent primer on Grand Games of past about to come full circle soon enough, read Rudyard Kipling's Kim.

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