Jan 2, 2011

Strangled or Straddled -- SIPDIS header tag

While hazily (20 y.o. Czek single malt -- yeah, go figure!) trawling through the WikiLeaks cable traffic mere fortnight ago I was able to peek a little deeper into the whole dump of 251,287 cables (fewer than 2000 have been publicly released by WL or the papers).

To begin with, although the State Dept reckoned it b mighty wise to load up SIPRNet with historical cable traffic going back to 1966, there are only 17 cables that date from 1966-1979. Nothing from 1979-1985

In January 1985, the spigot opened.

Also, there is no Top Secret material from State (AFAIK). Sorry, Cindy Sheehan & Cynthia MvKinney.

One fifth of the cables - over 50,000 are from Obama's State Dept.

Now we get to the good part. The feds have made it clear that they are looking for other leakers (aside from BM). Meatballs now know why.

Not all the State Dept cables obtained by WikiL bear the SIPDIS header tag.

And darn it by Golly -- there were no Grenada intervention cables. Just cesspools of wimpy diplo-chatter ´bout Dick and the regular household neocons remote controlling holographic airplanes on 911 at the behest of a bunch screwily transcribed names that rang New World Order jooo, writ large. What's that all about? Best ask Alex or Charlie.

And btw, is our blog-posty noosing of transition `tween `10 & `11 best described as bearing character of strangle or of straddle? (Sheesh, none of us Effwits can even remember the diff `tween micro and macro. So hey, don't bother wasting charitable answer on chump(s))

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