Aug 22, 2008

Cyber War: Eminent Domaining

Far be it ignoble for a meatball of One to cut 'n paste sweet ramblings of smarter mates and Effwits:

The Cyber Command Power Play?

Last week I reported the Air Force has put formation of its Cyber Command on hold, pending top level review.

At the time, some sources speculated that Adm. Mike Mullen, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, put the kibosh on the Air Force's efforts because he wanted to see a larger role for the Navy in cyberspace.

But a well-placed Air Force insider told me that the Office of the Director of National Intelligence was behind the abrupt halt. The intelligence community, this source told me, "wants all the cyber money, all the cyber toys and the cyber mission."

There would be one serious problem with the intelligence folks taking over the cyber mission, this source told me. ODNI does not have a warfighting mission, "they only want to milk the cow," the source said. "They don't ever want to kill the cow."

I don't know for sure whether the Navy, JCS, ODNI or little green men are behind the Air Force's decision to put Cyber Command on hold. But I do know the Air Force is really paranoid right now -- and sometimes there is a good reason for paranoia.
-Yep, that was pretty much inevitable.
The DoD (USAF specifically) is WAY overcomplicating their approach to a cyber warfare strategy IMO. Russia and China's model much better.
-Part of it is the AF fumbling nukes and a call to get their s*** together there first before they start f'ing around online.

Part of it is standard internal AF maneuvering. Even as the TV ads were running the move was afoot to make it a numbered AF, not a stand-alone entity, and put it under one of the standing commands.

There isn't much to the intel aspect here; the money is already largely allocated to different entities and there is plenty to go around. If the ODNI is involved its to control and coord the IC money; that's different money than what would go to the services.
Now, speaking of the USAF, there is a new paper from the Air War College (now called "Air University") COMMUNICATING FOR EFFECT -- OPERATIONALIZING AND ANALYZING WEAPONS OF MASS INFLUENCE. [141-page pdf]


Jay@Soob said...

As Jeff notes in the commentary here privatizing this task might be the way to go.

M1 said...

Thanks Jay for the heads up on an interestingly disturbing idea. Elements of privatization - sure: just not profit incentives too close to the dens hatching grand policy - or heck, maybe why not.

Jay@Soob said...

Yah, as we know gubberment is at the pinnacle of, well, everything...

M1 said...

OK, touché. OK?

Jay@Soob said...

Lol. Ok.

M1 said...


steve said...

hey, M1-

"-Part of it is the AF fumbling nukes and a call to get their s*** together there first before they start f'ing around online."

Hey, assuming that is in reference to that "air force flying nukes across the US" thing a few months back, what's your take on that?

Seems to me it had to be authorized from way way up the chain. Too many failsafes to get past for such a thing to happen accidently.

Personally, I have this fantasy that "accidently" flying nukes, possibly bound for the Middle East, right across the US was a not too subtle hint from the AF brass that they wanted to make sure the US public was aware that such things were afoot, and coincidentally had something to do with the fact that Bushco was forced to delay it's invasion of Iran.

That's just how it seemd to me. Just a hunch.

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