Nov 3, 2007

Saturday Mash d'Amour

Hard-assed and asentimental Love 'n Leave 'Em'ers like ourselves haven't done mashes, though we really should've - a flattered friend or two at our inevitable inhumations would make fine compensatory tribute to our most stoic of family and creditors.

So here's a first. (And while mashing, we'd also like to post some cut 'n pasted excerpts of e-mail exchanges with wiser minds and wet swords. Seeing however that this mash d'amour is a rather spur de moment-ish beast, appropriate releases have yet to be sought - much less extorted. NSFW artsy porno and Fubar'd grammar perhaps, but violations de trust remain an infraction we meatballians surprisingly still instinctively stagger clear of. Fidelity remains our last standing raison d'ĂȘtre - if only per deepest of recessive defects.)

Hyper-VO2'd Mountain Runner
Read Abu Muqawama's posts Counterinsurgency Reading List and COIN Book Club if you are a) interested in COIN, b) interested in public diplomacy or strategic communications, or c) interested at all in how wars will be fought in the near to long term.

Cool & Serene Michael Tanji apropo a previous SMC post
The honest, honorable thing to do, if you cannot muster the nerve to fulfill your obligation, is to resign.

Inside the moat at Pundit von Zen
Befuddling GWs & COIN.

Chambre de Danger

The Pentagon's desire to win over anthropologists is becoming more amusing by the day.
(Desperately seeking Effwit)

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