May 18, 2007

Web Censorship - The Good, The Ugly, The Bad

Open Net will be publishing the first ever global survey on the extent of internet filtering - the result of some five years work - which will also be published as a book later in the year. The ONI collects global data on Internet filtering using technical and contextual tools.

Preliminary reports of the study indicate that China, Iran, Syria, Tunisia, and Viet Nam are the worst offenders when it comes to political censorship of web content.

Iran, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, U.A.E., and Yemen exercise the strictest controls over social content online.

No internet censorship was found in Russia, The Palestinian Territories, or Israel - despite the existence of entrenched conflicts in these regions.

According to the report's researchers, internet censorship is most prevalent in countries where household internet penetration is the highest. This was taken as a significant reason for the negligent occurrence of internet censorship in Russia. (Western Europe, Cuba, and North Korea weren't included in the study.)

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