May 19, 2007

Incentivization Par Excellence

From Tom Ricks's Inbox:

By now, anyone paying attention knows that one of the unusual characteristics of the Iraq war is the U.S. military's heavy reliance on contractors, who really are the second largest contributor to the coalition that remains there. But even I was surprised by this eye-popping salary for an intelligence analyst -- even to work in a rough neighborhood. The handsomely paid analysts should be starting their new jobs right about now.


Subject: Job openings in Fallujah

What: All-Source Intelligence, CI/HUMINT and/or SIGINT Analyst

Who: Contract: Abraxas Corporation; Client: 1st Intelligence Bn, IMEF, USMC

Where: Camp Fallujah, Iraq

When: May/June 07 start date, these are 1 year tours with two weeks leave

**Salary:$265,000 - $340,000 **

Send resumes to [deleted]


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