May 23, 2007

They Will Love Her There

Because everybody knows how much Muslim leaders like to deal with unveiled women, President Bush has picked a logical choice to take command of the U.S. government presence in an important country which is in an evolving political crisis.

President Bush has chosen Anne W. Patterson to be ambassador to Pakistan, the White House said.

If confirmed by the Senate, she would replace Ryan Crocker, who earlier this year became the ambassador to Iraq.

Ms. Patterson now leads the State Department’s bureau for international narcotics and law-enforcement affairs. She has previously served as deputy ambassador to the United Nations and ambassador to Colombia.

Her C.V. doesn't inspire too much confidence, except perhaps to the mind of President Bush.

Coddling obdurate regimes seems to be an important part of the skill set she brings to the job.

Maybe she is a perfect choice, after all.

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