May 31, 2007

Of Old News: China's Great Leaps - Firecrackers & Information Operations

Perhaps the news of particular worthiness is the markedly sudden and ubiquitous nature of the reporting going on around town that the Last Standing Reds Of Any Measure have suddenly discovered and latched onto the utility of I.O.s.


A US military report, The Military Power of the People's Republic of China 2007 report (PDF), into the future of relations with China claims that the Chinese government is developing an information warfare division for use in possible future conflicts.

The report suggests that, in addition to the Red Army's army, navy, air force and rocket arms, the Chinese government is putting together a team to deal with "electronic and online arenas ".

"People's Liberation Army authors often cite the need in modern warfare to control information, sometimes termed an 'information blockade'," says the report.

"China is pursuing this ability by improving information and operational security, developing electronic warfare and information warfare capabilities, and denial and deception.
-Computing UK


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