May 24, 2007

Catching Up With CATCH-ALL - NSA Domestic Surveillance

Is the NSA's domestic surveillance program far greater in scope than anyone, save SMC, has admitted to?

We might just have caught an indirect glimpse of the behemoth SMC has referred to as CATCH-ALL by observing the interference pattern generated by former Deputy Attorney General James Comey's cross-illuminated testimony in the Senate on May 15.

Former Deputy Attorney General James Comey claimed that the entire leadership of the Justice Department was prepared to resign over their disagreement with the White House, in particular with Cheney and his lawyer Addington - and specifically over circumstances pertaining to the NSA's domestic surveillance program.

What are these circumstances? Do they comprise the significant difference between what has hitherto been admitted and what SMC has long dubbed & described as CATCH-ALL?

For a moment last week we thought we might just have laid a morning misty eye on ol' Nessie coming up for air. Then she dove - if that was her at all.

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