May 13, 2007

Harry - Royal Desert Monkey

British defense chiefs are [claim they are] planning to let a camera crew follow Prince Harry during his tour of duty in Iraq, informs

The Ministry of Defence crew will purportedly film him while on operations, with footage being released to television channels and on the internet.

According to this info op of a story, Harry''s commanders hope the film, being dubbed Desert Prince, will inflict a propaganda defeat upon insurgent groups which have been using videos of hostages and wreckages of British aircraft to publicize their causes. Too bad Harry ain't ever setting foot in Iraq.

Mark our words, Harry the Booze Monkey was never earmarked for Iraq - though perhaps so in Harry's out-of-the-loop dreams.

All this talk of documentaries here 'n there is just one big info op to give the royal boozer an alibi for a cop out long in the planning. He's unfit for battle for a good number of reasons. A stumpy tail ain't one of them.

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