May 8, 2007

Haditha Revisited

Protein Wisdom's lone wolf contingency force of green spunk fetishites convulsed in strange disco unison at the plausibility of SMC's suggestion that a counter-propaganda info-op had been launched (the Jesse MacBeth Deke) to mitigate the public relations damage expected to arise from the then pending mainstream revelation about the massacre in Haditha.

Something in SMC's suggestion threatened all that the shag rug reared and albino eyed fighting wing of Protein Wisdom held to be decent and true. (Protein Wisdom. Gee, hasn't the CDC got around to torching that hooch de gonorrhea yet?)
Recently unclassified documents suggest that senior officers viewed the killings of 24 Iraqi civilians in Haditha in late 2005 as a potential public relations problem that could fuel insurgent propaganda against the American military, leading investigators to question whether the officers’ immediate response had been intentionally misleading.

The documents also show that derailing enemy propaganda was important to senior Marine commanders, including Col. Stephen W. Davis, a highly regarded regimental commander under General Huck, who played down questions about the civilian killings from a Time magazine reporter last year, long after the attacks and the civilian toll were clear to the military.

“Frankly, what I am looking at is the advantage he’s giving the enemy,” Colonel Davis said of the reporter, Tim McGirk, whose article in March 2006 was the first to report that marines had killed civilians in Haditha, including women and children.

-Excerpt From NYT Article: Propaganda Fear Cited in Account of Iraqi Killings


C4ISR said...

Yet more proof (if any more proof is needed) of your uncommon ability to detect the hidden hand that guides important aspects of the narrative of "current events".

The early call last year on the Jesse Macbeth information operation as being a proactive move (before Haditha was revealed publicly) was pretty good stuff.

Meatball One said...

Thanx Meatball 9 aka c4isr

(and thanx for saying in 5 words what M1 can barely say with 500.