Jan 17, 2006

Turkey Meatball

Pope John Paul II's would be assassin Mehmet Ali Agca asked to be freed from prison to travel to Afghanistan, infiltrate bin Laden's network and subsequently whack the West's archetypal villain.

The Turkish newspaper The Hurriyet printed what is purported to be Agca's handwritten letters to the head of Turkish Intelligence making his sociopathic request (yeah, yeah...asocial request).

Perhaps worth noting is Agca's association with NATO's stay-behind operation Operation Gladio. NATO had a similar cold war stay-behind apparatus in Sweden. Of course it's existence was hypersecret as Sweden claimed to be non-aligned in times of relative peace and crossed their hearts and hoped to die if they weren't completely neutral come times of war.

Ironically, the only folks fooled by such noble declarations were the Swedes themselves. The Soviets knew exactly what was up and had understandably targeted several of their city-busting nuclear warheads at Sweden...and all this while the Swedes rested secure in the knowledge that their non-aligned stance would reasonably spare them from being pulled into a nuclear nightmare. Oh those blue-eyed Meatballs.

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