Jan 24, 2006

To Screw With A Klingon Fleet Commander Or Not To...

It wasn't that long ago various European governments were feigning indignation over CIA rendition activities on their sovereign territories. Of course Swedish Meatballs Confidential had to call these Eurowhiners and their faux self-righteous ways out.

For once we agreed with what we weaned to be the essence of her speech at Andrews last December as Condy admonished the Euromeatballs to "...shut the fuck up and sit down cuz we have the goods on you duplicitous electorate-pandering Eurofreak freeloaders."

Now, the Council of Europe concludes that indeed, '...it is highly unlikely that European governments, or at least their intelligence services, were unaware of the ''rendition'' of more than a hundred persons affecting Europe'.

Hate to be the Meatball that says, "Don't fuck with a Klingon named Condy"

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