Jan 5, 2006

How Please May I Shut the Fuck Up, George?

Swedish major media has been thoroughly media mapped into U.S. submission through the diligent efforts of a handfull of eager beaver analysts. Such mischief was once part of the grind of Meatball One's formative years.

On November 21st last year, Democracy Now's Amy Goodman interviewed investigative journalist James Bamford. He had just published an interesting piece on the roll of media mapping, John Rendon, and the Iraq war in Rolling Stone Magazine. Bamford's story shouldn't be missed cuz it accurately enough sketches how part of the real world chugs along on a rather mundane basis beyond the talking head mantras of shining beacons and vast parking lots of democracy. Heck Gomer, that shit's for the cretin majority of the electorate who are proud to believe in (and understand!) a Forrest Gump unified theory of world affairs.

Watch the interview with James Bamford

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