Jan 12, 2006

A Norwegian Meatball in Russia

In 1985 Norwegian superspy Arne Treholt was convicted of running errands for Iraq and the Soviet Union. His moonlighting stints landed him a 20 year sentence. He swung a pardon in 1992 and has more or less taken up permanent residency on Cyprus since then. Mr. Treholt has subsequently been engaged in various post-pardon Russian investment activities.

In 1997 Arne Traitor became CEO of FMC Securities which operates out of his off-shore Cypriotic isle of refuge. Russian Federation First Mercantile Fund is FMC's main fund and invests primarily in publicly traded Russian companies. The fund handsomely beat the Russian bourse index last year with an 80 % return. Good work traitor fcuk!

Treholt projects major growth in the Russian retail market for 2006 and cites IKEA's aggressive expansion in Russia as an indicator of such trends. Treholt says the Rusky's IT market promises tremendous growth given the abundant domestic supply of mathematicians and programmers.

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